An Engine,
but also your
Personal Career Agent.
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GuruDigger's Formula
Career Gene Report
We could know you better than you know yourself.
We crawl your foot print left on the internet and analyze your skills, interests and etc.
Everything is automatic and the only thing you have to do is to authorize us your emails and social accounts.
Matchmaking Request
One minute and we will know your request.
The matchmaking request is a special well designed form which you can fill that out within a minute.
When you fill the form, feel free to let us know what exactly you want. Don't worry about if we could get that done or not as we have the "black magic".
GuruDigger's Black Magic
We will dig out the startups which are well match your request all over the world. You select the one you like and we will be your agent to get the other things done.
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    寸志 | 前端工程师
    对于我来说GuruDigger是一个神奇的存在,有着难以割舍的联系。因为它,2013年4月我认识了目前的公司 Teambition 的创始人,10月我从点评出来加入了这家初创公司。我只想说,谢谢GuruDigger,给了我这次机会,迈上了自己的之路!
  • Avatar_2
    daCapricorn | iOS & Android 工程师
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